Xpress: Program Description

Xpress personal training is designed to give you maximum results in the shortest possible time. Each program is designed for the client’s own specific fitness goals and utilizes the best functional training tools and methodology available. In addition to traditional training equipment, we are proud to be one of the few area-gyms that offer the following training options:


This suspension training system was originally developed by a former Navy Seal as the ultimate versatile training tool. The system’s ability to link exercise progressions together with very quick transitions makes it ideal for resistance training at a sustained high-intensity level. Its focus on core strength and stability has also made it a favorite for the military and top MMA fighters. Despite its daunting reputation, the TRX system is accessible for an individual at any fitness level; in fact, it is ideal for those recovering from injury.



If you have never experienced training with a kettlebell, you will be amazed at how intense just a short workout can be. Like TRX, kettlebells allow you to transition quickly between exercises and their design makes them much more effective for functional training than traditional dumbbells. Kettlebells are outstanding for everything from weight-loss to strengthening and toning or even building powerful new muscle. They are also great at helping you stick to your training goals and keeping you interested in your workouts long term, sense kettlebells can take years to master.

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