1. What is X-Press?

X-Press is a 30 minute functional training workout. X-Press utilizes a fast-paced format to combine cardiovascular exercise and resistance training into a single, efficient routine.

2. What is functional training? Can’t I just use the machine weights?

Machine weights are a great way to isolate individual muscle groups. However, that isn’t the way you use your body outside of the gym. How often do you lift heavy weights while sitting at your kitchen table or while reclining in your Lay-Z Boy? Functional training focuses on training your body as a whole, teaching your muscle groups to work together as they are designed. The benefits of functional training are far-reaching; from helping to prevent injury, to developing better posture and becoming more proficient at everything from your golf swing to carrying in the groceries.

3. Is 30 minutes really enough time to get a good workout?

Absolutely. According to the American Council on Exercise, levels of critical hormones such as testosterone begin to drop significantly after about 40 minutes of resistance training, lowering the effectiveness of your workout. Also, the chance of injury can increase after 40 to 60 minutes as your form may suffer from on-setting fatigue.

4. I just want to lose fat, not gain muscle. Why should I do resistance training?

If you don’t incorporate resistance training into your workouts you are missing one of the best ways to burn fat. Muscle requires energy for your body to maintain it and one of the most readily available sources of energy is your body’s own fat storage. The more lean muscle you put on, the more energy your body expends maintaining it by burning fat.

5. What if I just want to diet and do cardio exercise?

Again, if you don’t incorporate resistance training into your routine, you’re not burning fat as efficiently as you could be. As a matter of fact, a good portion of the weight you will end up losing will be muscle instead of fat. Remember, your body is a machine designed to be efficient, and muscle requires a lot of energy (calories). So, if you don’t give your body a reason to keep its muscle mass (challenging it with resistance training) your body will break your muscle down and consume it instead of its easy to maintain fat storage.