Staying fit and healthy is a lifestyle, and as the first and longest operating gym in the Hawaii Islands, we had over 35 years of experience in helping people find their healthier lifestyle. Our legacy continues even without the actual gym and health hub. This blog is to share what we had at Punahou Fitness and Spa, from all the tools and facilities and why we had intended to put them for to help you maintain and build a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you want to lose a couple of pounds, tone your body, or want some extra energy throughout your day. Here at Punahou Fitness, we created a comfortable and easy atmosphere where any individual’s fitness ambitions can be fulfilled. And we believe in the power of information and persuasion.

You will be guided. You won’t be attending the classes in person, but we are certain you’d be enjoying all the information we are putting on your plate. This makes it easy for anyone at ANY fitness level to start today!